As CII previously reported, a restraining order was filed against State Rep. Liz Linehan (D-Chesire) after an incident where Linehan confronted a constituent, Colleen Dabkowski, who voiced criticism of her policies online.

Last week, Rep. Liz Linehan appeared before a Superior Court judge for a hearing regarding the restraining order and the case was summarily dismissed.

In the courtroom, Dabkowski was asked by the judge if Rep. Linehan ever made her feel physically threatened. Dabkowski said she didn’t, but did say she felt as if Rep. Linehan was stalking her, according to an article by News 8.

Dabkowski told the judge that she never made any “unkind personal or verbal assault against Linehan” online. However, Rep. Linehan’s attorney presented several Facebook posts of Dabkowski comparing Linehan to Nazi Brownshirts because she disagreed with Linehan’s stance on vaccine passports.

The hearing lasted all of about 10 minutes and the judge threw out the case.

“It’s unfortunate that we were here today and that the judicial system, intended to protect and support victims of domestic abuse and harassment has been used in this way,” Linehan said in a statement to News 8. “Politics can be ugly, but we should never let it get this low.”

According to the application Dabkowski filed for the restraining order, Rep. Linehan approached Dabkowski at her place of employment at The Network Salon in Plantsville and confronted Dabkowski about some of the things she had posted about her online.

“I’m surprised you have time to have a job when you spend all your time on social media trolling me,” Linehan said, according to the application.

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Tom Hopkins wrote for CII from April 2022 to February 2023. Prior to joining CII, he worked in print, television, and as a freelance journalist.

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