About Connecticut Inside Investigator

Connecticut Inside Investigator (CII) is a nonprofit newsroom on a mission to inform the people of Connecticut through investigative journalism and inspire the public through engaging stories.

We envision a better Connecticut where corruption has been rooted out.

We’re glad you’re here.

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Welcome: A letter from our staff

To our readers:

We would like to welcome you to Connecticut Inside Investigator (CII). We’re an outlet created to inform the people of Connecticut through investigative journalism. We’re glad you’re here.

On CII’s website, you will see stories that share how corrupt actions have negatively impacted people in Connecticut, and stories of those who have triumphed over obstacles to their happiness.

We intend to contribute to a better Connecticut, through regular news reporting and in-depth investigative work. We also hope to deliver thoughts from the best and brightest minds in both our staff’s writing and in our opinions section. We’re also going to be getting creative on how we contribute to Connecticut becoming a better place.

To share a bit about our nonprofit newsroom: CII is a project of the Yankee Institute. However, CII has management separate from Yankee Institute which oversees its daily operations and determines its content, completely independent of Yankee Institute. We believe in the importance of investigative journalism. There is more to uncover, so we’ve put together a team eager to find and report unique and interesting stories. It’s an exciting opportunity to improve this state for everyone.

We aren’t here to persuade you. We are here to inform and engage. To do something interesting that matters. We want you to enjoy our written work, visual work, audio productions, events, and to be a part of our work. We plan to explore investigative angles and stories that aren’t being covered elsewhere. That’s where you come in. We want news tips, fun ideas, thoughts on how we can be better, even if they’re tough for us to hear. We want you to share our stories and give us your input on whether we’re doing a good job. Like you, we’re humans.

Our team is made up of people who think deeply and strive to take visionary action. Each person on this team was hired because they bring something special and important to the table.

There are only so many stories we can tell, for now. We’ll be putting out news stories every day, and investigations on a regular basis. As we continue to fundraise as a nonprofit and grow as an organization, we hope to bring on more staff, expand our creative storytelling capabilities, and empower our friends, neighbors, and everyone in Connecticut to lead better lives. We envision a Connecticut in which corruption is rooted out.

We hope that our work tugs at your heartstrings, inspires you to action, and puts a smile on your face. We hope it results in positive change, and contributes to you, personally, believing that a better Connecticut is possible.

We would like to wrap up this message with a thank you. Thank you to those who have subscribed to get emails with new content and thank you to those who have donated to support our mission.

We’re excited to be here, and we’re just getting started.


The Connecticut Inside Investigator Team