Connecticut Inside Investigator’s (“CII”) mission as a program service of The Yankee Institute for Public Policy Studies, Inc. can only be realized through a common code of ethics.

Personal and Professional Integrity. We expect honesty, integrity and transparency in work, decisions, and all dealings with each other and as representatives of CII. We will conduct our organizational and operational duties with positive leadership exemplified by open communication, creativity, dedication, and compassion, demonstrating the highest standards of personal integrity, truthfulness, honesty, and fortitude in all our activities in order to inspire confidence and trust in our activities.

Governance and Accountability. We expect responsible actions on behalf of CII in setting the mission, making strategic decisions about the direction of CII, and managing the finances, operations, and policies of CII. We will strive for excellence and encourage the professional development of others.

Legal Compliance. We expect personnel and volunteers to be knowledgeable of and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and international conventions, and commit to providing training as necessary to ensure CII continues to meet the requirements for a program service of a Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. We will exercise whatever discretionary authority we have under the law to carry out the mission of the organization.

Program Evaluation. We are committed both to reviewing and to improving program effectiveness regularly in response to the ever changing policy landscape of Connecticut.

Fairness and Respect. We expect to be treated and to treat others with respect. CII takes meaningful steps to promote fairness and equity in its actions internally and externally, mindful of their impact on our personnel, volunteers, readers, and supporters.

Confidentiality. We honor and respect the rights and confidentiality of our supporters, including informing them of the mission of CII and the way resources are used, and expect that all interactions will be professional in nature. We promise to protect privileged information to which we have access in the course of our official duties.