Whistleblowing is the practice of informing on a person or organization engaged in an illicit activity. Speaking up about financial practices, physical and sexual abuse, or systemic failures, for example, are courageous efforts to stand up against wrongdoing.

Whistleblowers need allies willing to protect their identity, tell their stories, and partner to ensure corruption is ended. That’s where CII comes in.

As a newsroom focused on rooting out corruption in Connecticut, whistleblowers are welcome. In fact, we offer protections to whistleblowers to ensure these powerful stories are told. Newsrooms like ours are able to receive and publish audio recordings, video recordings, documents, and other evidence – even if it was obtained illegally. Whistleblower identities are kept confidential and will not be disclosed under the protection of the First Amendment and Connecticut’s Reporter Shield Law. Unfortunately, corruption often comes from the halls of power.

You are not alone; we are here to help.

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