Connecticut’s internet users are paying below the monthly average cost for service according to a study from Allconnect.

On average, Connecticut residents have paid $65.46 per month for internet service over the last five years, which is well below the national average monthly cost of $80.31 during the same time period.

The study also measured the average download speed and cost per megabit (Mbps) over the past five years. Nationally, the average cost per Mbps was 29 cents. The average in Connecticut was slightly below that, at 28 cents.

Connecticut’s average download speed was the only metric behind the national average. While the average national download speed during that time period was 281 Mbps, Connecticut’s average was 232.

Overall, the study, which analyzed data from the Federal Communications Commission’s Urban Rate Survey, found that internet speeds are increasing while prices remain flat. According to the study, since 2019 download speeds in cities have nearly doubled, with the average customer now receiving 365 Mbps download speeds. During the same time period, the average price per Mbps in cities has fallen by nearly half, from 42 cents to 23 cents.

According to, which tracks internet service provider availability, Frontier is the largest internet service provider in Connecticut and is available to 98 percent of residents. Allconnect’s survey compared costs from different internet service providers and Frontier had the second lowest average 2023 percent price of those surveyed, at $61.94. Xfinity, which is available to 54 percent of the state, had a higher average price for 2023, at $73.19.

Regionally, Connecticut had the lowest average monthly internet costs over the past five years. Rhode Island had the next lowest average monthly cost, at $70.18, while New Hampshire had the highest, at $92.15. Massachusetts’ average monthly cost of $91.97 comes close to New Hampshire’s.

Connecticut had the third lowest average download speeds and average cost per Mbps in the region. Both Rhode Island and Massachusetts beat Connecticut in these categories. Massachusetts had the fastest download speed at 380 Mbps and Rhode Island came close behind it, with 360 Mbps. Rhode Island had the lowest cost per Mbps in the region, at 19 cents. Massachusetts’ cost per Mbps was 24 cents.

On the other end of the spectrum, Maine’s average download speed was the lowest in New England, at 88 Mbps. The state also had the highest cost per Mbps, at 95 cents. With an average monthly cost of service at $82.92, Maine’s internet service was both slower and more costly than the national average.

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