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Middlefield man sentenced to two months in prison for defrauding jobs programs

A Middlefield man will spend the next two months in prison after he was found guilty of defrauding the state’s jobs programs. 

David Kania, 63, was the owner of several small businesses in the “dietary supplement and beverage industry,” according to state documents. He then used those businesses to apply for state subsidies meant for businesses that employ “unemployed jobseekers, including veterans, and for providing training to employees.”

As part of the fraud, Kania supplied false documents to the Connecticut Department of labor as well as two Workforce Investment Boards based in the state. Between the employment subsidies and the false documents submitted to the Manufacturing Innovation Fund – which provides money for job training – Kania received more than $1 million.

As part of his sentence, Kania was ordered to pay back the money in restitution. 

Kania was also accused of falsifying his tax records.

Kania pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud earlier today. He had previously been released on $100,000 bond and will now report to prison on December 1st

Following his prison sentence, Kania will also serve three years of supervised release.

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