Retail sales of adult-use cannabis continued to climb in October 2023, while retail sales of medical marijuana fell for the third-straight month.

According to the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) preliminary data for the month of October 23 shows combined sales of nearly $25 million for both adult-use cannabis and medical marijuana.

The purchase of adult-use cannabis products has seen steady growth month-to-month since it first became available on January 10, 2023. In October, adult-use retail sales of cannabis totaled roughly $14.7 million dollars, up from roughly $14.4 million the previous month. According to DCP, adult-use consumers purchased 393,642 products during October at an average price of $37.61.

In January 2023, the first month adult-use cannabis products were available for purchase in Connecticut, sales totaled roughly $5.1 million. During that month, consumers purchased 114,459 products at an average price of $35.68 dollars.

Sales for medical marijuana have fluctuated more in the past year, hitting a high of roughly $12.5 million in March. In October, medical marijuana users purchased $10.1 million in products, continuing a decline from August, when sales of medical marijuana products totaled roughly $10.9 million. That figure was up by approximately $300,000 from the previous month.

In October, medical marijuana patients purchased 277,552 products at an average price of $36.43. In January, the first month for which data on medical marijuana sales was available users purchased 227,246 products at an average price of $35.68.

In 2023 to date, just over half of sales in October were for usable cannabis, or cannabis flower. Purchases of usable cannabis have accounted for roughly 53 percent of sales totaling approximately just under $116 million dollars. At 28 percent of sales, vape cartridges have been the second most purchased product over the past year, totaling just under $61 million. Infused edibles make up approximately 10 percent of sales to date in 2023 for a total of roughly $227 million.

The preliminary data for October does not include point-of-sale taxes collected on adult-use transactions. Medical marijuana is not taxed.

According to DCP, limits on the amount of raw flower or equivalent an adult-use purchaser can buy in a transaction will double on December 1. Currently, users are limited to one-quarter ounce of raw flower or the equivalent per transaction. Beginning in December, users will be able to purchase up to one-half ounce of raw flower or the equivalent per transaction.

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